My Plastic Chair

My Plastic Chair explores the extent of polypropylene sheet as a comfortable seating surface. The chair is a result of numerous plastic seat iterations and human proportion studies. My Plastic Chair comfortably wraps around the human body while providing a durable and low-impact seating. Featured on Interior Designio.

Materials polypropylene sheet, ash wood, joint connector bolts and nuts

RISD ID Spring 2016 Chair Studio

Target audience young people looking for a comfortable seating with clean visuals.

Categories: furniture design

Full scale dining and easy chair mockups to test the proportions for comfort.

1/8th scale, 1/4th scale, CAD model, fullscale mockups to explore the idea of sheet bending into a loop.

Testing full scale seating with thinner plastic (ABS). Decision to turn the frown upside down into a less recognizable form. Decision to produce the seat separately from the back for comfort (major areas of the human back do not touch the hardwares) and lower production cost.